Fenofoam rigid foam systems

PUR foams produced with Fenofoam rigid foam systems are highly crosslinked rigid foams based on special polyols. With predominantly closed cells, such rigid foams are ideal as insulating materials. Typically, Fenofoam rigid foam systems are mostly pure water-blown foam systems. The cell structure can additionally be controlled by the use of physical blowing agents. Thanks to the enormously high dimensional stability of the rigid foams, it is also possible to produce molded solid elements that are used, for example, for air filter frames or decorative elements.
In addition, Fenofoam rigid foam systems can also be offered as flame-retarded versions (e.g. for the construction sector).



Fields of application

  • Insulation applications (insulating materials, insulating panels, etc.)
  • Model making
  • Hollow body foaming (e.g. buoys)
  • Decorative elements (stucco)


Properties and Benefits

  • Dimensionally stable
  • Very robust
  • Good insulating effect
  • Low density
  • Optional equipment: flame-retarded, self-separating, energy-absorbing


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