Fenofoam High Resilience Flexible Foam Systems

Fenofoam high resilience (HR) flexible foam systems are among our most versatile and adaptable formulations for the PUR foam sector.

With very flexibly adjustable degrees of hardness, low densities combined with maximum comfort, and the lowest compression set, these systems are used to produce the highest quality HR flexible PUR foams. The robust processability, coupled with low foam densities, offers our customers an optimum price/performance ratio and reduced scrap rates. In addition, the optional flame retardant equipment enables the manufactured foam parts to conform to the most important fire protection standards, for example, Crib 5, BS 5852 and DIN EN ISO 45545-2.




  • Seating and upholstered furniture
  • Office chairs
  • Seats in vehicle construction (automotive, bus, rail vehicles)
  • Automotive (headrests, insulation parts, interior, etc.)
  • Viscoelastic applications (mattresses, pillows, etc.)
  • Sealing foams for air filters, switch cabinets or linear fluorescent lamps (FIPFG seals)


Properties and Benefits

  • Robust, individually adaptable systems
  • Good processability
  • Variable compression hardness
  • Low density
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Optional flame-retardant finish (i.e., Crib 5, BS 5852, DIN EN ISO 45545-2)


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