The product portfolio of Fenofoam PUR foam systems is very broad. Our Fenofoam formulations are well-established in the market and can be precisely adapted to our customers' requirements thanks to variably adjustable final properties (Shore hardness, density, compression set, etc.). All formulations are extremely robust and can be easily processed on standard high- or low-pressure metering machines. Using the cold foam process in negative molds, our formulations can be used to produce an enormous variety of small- or large-volume foam parts. This often opens up completely new possibilities for our customers in the final product design.

PUR foam systems at the highest level

Fenofoam PUR foam systems are used, for example, for viscoelastic PUR foams, flexible foams, intergal foams, semi-rigid foams, and rigid foams. Fire-protected systems for the most stringent safety requirements, e.g. in the flexible foam and integral skin foam sectors, optimally round off the Fenofoam product portfolio.

PUR casting systems for the most versatile applications

The product range of PUR systems is complemented by Fenomer PUR casting systems. These non-foaming, solvent-free casting systems can also be processed on common 2-component metering machines and can be precisely adapted to customer-specific processing cycles. The excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemicals (liquids and gases) as well as the adaptable surface hardnesses make the Fenomer casting systems particularly attractive for bonding or manufacturing industrial air filters as well as filter discs.

The experts for PUR foam systems and hotmelts.