Fenofoam integral skin foam and semi-rigid foam systems

Molded parts based on Fenofoam integral skin foam systems are characterized by a compacted, dense outer skin. This so-called integral skin protects the softer foam core from external influences and thus significantly expands the range of applications. The integral skin is generated during the exothermic reaction of polyol and isocyanate by a physical blowing agent. The compacted edge zone guarantees high abrasion resistance and gives the molded part optimum resistance to moisture and many chemicals. The surface hardness of the molded parts can also be varied in the complete Shore A range, so that the final mechanical properties can be directly adapted to the corresponding application. In addition, an optional flame retardant package enables molded foam parts based on Fenofoam integral skin foam systems to also comply with common fire safety standards.

Fenofoam semi-rigid foam systems are purely water-blown PUR formulations. Appropriately manufactured foam parts do not have a compacted and clearly defined edge zone. However, a major advantage of Fenofoam semi-rigid foam systems is the more favorable environmental profile (no physical blowing agents). In addition, the end properties of the molded parts can be adjusted very precisely and uniformly across the entire cross-section. This results in sustainable semi-rigid foams that are characterized by very high abrasion resistance and resistance to many external influences.



Areas of application

  • Seats/armrests for office chairs
  • Gear knobs
  • Steering wheels
  • Energy absorbing protective wear
  • Floor mats
  • Viscoelastic operating table mattresses


Properties and Benefits

  • Flexible adjustable (end)properties
  • Variable Shore hardness
  • High scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Enormously resistant against humidity and several chemicals
  • Optional flame-retardant finish


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