Flexible Foam
Fenofoam WS
High resilience foam systems
Viscoelastic soft foam systems.
Integral Foam
Fenofoam HI
Moulded foam parts with a compact surface skin.
Filter Foam
Fenofoam FL
Robust sealings for engine air filters.
Rigid Foam
Fenofoam RD
For moulded insulation parts!
Casting systems
Fenomer VU/VF
Compact pouring masses for filter production.
A+ R A-

Casting systems

Our FENOMER systems are filled (VF) or non-filled (VU), solvent-free pouring systems on basis of polyurethane. The liquid components (polyol and a purely MDI-based isocyanate - FENONAT) are mixed and poured by two-component dosing machines statically or dynamically. The hardening process (pot life) is adjusted to the individual use and demand!

Due to a high resistance towards high temperatures and chemicals (liquids and gases) FENOMER systems are the material of choice for bonding filter end-caps or for the production of directly demouldable filter end-caps, especially oil-, diesel- and air filters.

Furthermore, Fenomer systems are used in the manufacturing of rubber-elastic filter flanges for industrial air filters. The rigidity of the surface can vary from low Shore A until high Shore D, depending on the application itself.