Flexible Foam
Fenofoam WS
High resilience foam systems
Viscoelastic soft foam systems.
Integral Foam
Fenofoam HI
Moulded foam parts with a compact surface skin.
Filter Foam
Fenofoam FL
Robust sealings for engine air filters.
Rigid Foam
Fenofoam RD
For moulded insulation parts!
Casting systems
Fenomer VU/VF
Compact pouring masses for filter production.
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Rigid foam

Highly crosslinked rigid foams on basis of special polyols with mostly closed cells, turn polyurethane into an excellent insulating material. In order to control and regulate the cell structure, physical blowing agents or water is added. Due to its structure and strength, rigid foams are also used in manufacturing solid filter frames or decor elements. In addition, moulded rigid foam parts can also be of a great interest for the building industry, even in  flame-resistant versions.


General applications:


  • Insulation
  • Modelling
  • Foaming of hollow parts
  • Decor elements