Flexible Foam
Fenofoam WS
High resilience foam systems
Viscoelastic soft foam systems.
Integral Foam
Fenofoam HI
Moulded foam parts with a compact surface skin.
Filter Foam
Fenofoam FL
Robust sealings for engine air filters.
Rigid Foam
Fenofoam RD
For moulded insulation parts!
Casting systems
Fenomer VU/VF
Compact pouring masses for filter production.
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Filter foam

The foamed sealing lips of engine air filters are exposed to permanent great stress and have to meet steadily increasing requirements. A very low compression set at high temperatures, an enormous elongation and a huge tear resistance at lowest Shore A hardness have to be harmonized!

Our filter foams FENOFOAM FL are water-blown polyurethane systems on basis of polyether polyols that can be processed with purely MDI-based isocyanates (methylendiphenyldiisocyanate) on low- and high-pressure machines.

For economic reasons or even to control mechanic properties, fillers can be added.


General application:

  • Engine air filters
  • Heavy duty filters
  • Other filters