Foam Systems
Soft and Integral
Moulded foam systems for the furniture and automotive industry!
Solvent-free Adhesives
For mattress- and upholstery production!
Water-based adhesives
For automotive laminations and the foam converting industry!
Sprayable adhesives
For upholstery and automotive industry!
Casting systems
2-component adhesives
Pouring systems for diesel-, oil- and air filtration!
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Hotmelt adhesives

Our product series FENOMELT includes hotmelt glues for various applications. Compared to other adhesives, hotmelts have a solid content of 100 %, they do not contain any solvents and consequently avoid environmental damage.

Most significant for durable adhesive joints is the resistance towards ageing, as well as a long-lasting flexible bonding seam. Thanks to the major experience of our developers, Fenos has the knowledge to customize processing parameters and to respond to our customers’ requests and demands!

Our almost odorless types of FENOMELT can be applied by (spin-)spraying, nozzles or by rollers. For a diversity of applications, the Fenos hotmelts predominantly are based on SBS/SIS, APAO or EVA.


General applications:

  • Mattress manufacturing (foam/foam, pocket springs)
  • Upholstery
  • Automotive
  • Building- and construction industry (insulation board, flooring, self-adhering articles)



No emissions whilst working with hotmelt glues. (Compare: solvent-, water-based adhesives and hotmelts!)