Foam Systems
Soft and Integral
Moulded foam systems for the furniture and automotive industry!
Hot melt
Solvent-free Adhesives
For mattress- and upholstery production. For packaging and building!
Water-based adhesives
For automotive laminations and the foam converting industry!
Casting systems
2-component adhesives
Pouring systems for diesel-, oil- and air filtration!
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The Fenos product portfolio ...

The product portfolio of Fenos AG contains PUR foam systems and adhesives for industrial processors. We are specialized not to take any old-fashioned recipes from the drawer but to develop in our laboratory and at customers' production sites the newest taylor-made products, perfectly fitting the respective production processes.

Thus, we are able to react up-to-date to always growing demands such as new standards in fire retardance, temperature resistance or cost- and material reduction.